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HID for Audi A3 8P (+2003)

Audi A3 A38P Xenon limpias

Welldone Lighting  introduced the A38P HID in 2008. 

Everybody knows that Audi A3 is a very delicate vehicle to install HID lights on.

There are hundred or thousand of Audi A3 with broken wiper motors after installing conventional HID kits

Audi is aware of this problem and they do not give any guarantee for broken wiper motors. The owner must face the price for the new wiper motor plus installation (about $400- $700 in Audi Dealer).

At Welldone Lighting we were working to develop a new HID kit suitable for the Audi A3.

Then we discovered that the High Voltage (25.000v) the conventional HID kits use to light the Xenon bulbs was the problem that causes the wiper motor to blow away after few hours of use.

After developing the first prototipe we made the first tests in our facilities in Barcelona (Europe). Some clients were testing this HID for a few months without any issue with their wiper motor. Since it´s well known that wiper motor usually breaks after 1 or 2 days it was proben to work & we were ready for bigger tests.

Being an Audi owner myself & also user of Audi forums it was easy to show our findings about the wiper motor. After they saw the information & reviews from the first Audi owners using the Welldone A38P HID they were completely convinced and many were asking for a Group Buy.

This Group Buy for Audi A3 HID was made on March 2009.

After this Group Buy there was a 2nd right after in May, a 3rd… and 6 more Group Buys until 2012. 

Since 2008 until 2013 we sold hundreds of Audi A38P HID kits, it´s one of our best selling products, we ship them to many countries around the world & there have been not a single one wiper motor problem.

Welldone Lighting is the only company who can guarantee the safety of your wiper motor so far.

Nowadays we even repair broken wiper motor from other brand´s HID.
Most sellers still have no idea why the wiper motors blow away, how to fix it or how to solve it.

Our A38P HID not only avoid the wiper motor problem but also is much easier to install, no more than 10min per bulb & it fits completely inside of the headlights, so there is no need to make holes in your headlight´s covers.

Welldone A38P HID

Link to our Online Store

– 100% safe for your wiper motor
– Easier installation
– No need to make holes in your OEM halogen headlight.
– Fits completely inside of the headlight.
– No interference in radio / ABS / ESP

Our clients photos:

left HID  VS  right halogenAudi A3 Xenon well-done welldone limpias A38P

HID Well-Done + Angel Eyes LED

Audi A3 con kit Xenon welldone well-done angel eyes

halogen + Angel Eyes LED

Audi A3 con Xenon welldone angel eyes LED

Well-Done A38P HID + Angel Eyes

Audi A38P Kit Xenon welldone well-done H7

Low Beam HID VS high beam halogen

Xenon welldone well-done Audi A3 A38P

Other photos:

Xenon welldone Audi A3

Xenon Audi A38P A3 welldone

Welldone HID  vs  HALOGEN

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