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Fog HID Installation – Audi A4 B5

So this is the original housing for the H7 fog light bulb, as you can see the HID won’t fit and allow the wires to go through…

So I cut the back off to allow the wires to go through, but keeping the integrity of the plug…

Making sure to dremel out “tabs” on the sides to allow the clips on the plug to fit through…

With only cutting off the back, the HID bulb still sits in place by the original back piece but the the wires can now pass through…

Once you have the securing ring locked into the back of the fog light housing, it should look like this…

As you can see in the pic below, the Blue and Black wires plugged into the female piece that was cut off earlier so the stock power supply can be plugged into that same piece. This is the point where you want to turn on the fog lights to make sure they’re hooked up properly…

Then to secure the ballast I bought auto detailing screws with a built in washer and screwed it to my intercooler shroud…

Then lastly I weather proofed everything with rubber tape then electrical tape…

Then just tuck the wires behind the fog light housing and put your cover back on and this is the finished product..

Sorry if this is a lot of pics but I have yet to see any in depth how-to’s with pics so I hope this helps someone. I’m sure there may be better or easier ways but I’m not the most experienced with electronics and this was fairly easy to do. I just used a dremel tool, a hack saw, rubber tape, and electrical tape to configure everything together. The first one took about 2 hours because I was theory crafting so to speak, the 2nd took about 30 minutes.



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