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New OEM HID kit (Compatible with Audi A3 8P)

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Xenon Welldone OEM Audi A3

¡¡ New OEM Xenon kit from Welldone !!

OEM HID Made in Europe, same OEM ballast companies like Audi, VW or BMW are using in their headlights.

Welldonehid  have been years looking to offer the best quality possible in HID products.

We always try to offer a bit more, better quality, better guarantee, new products, something other companies can not offer & because our clients ask for more quality everyday, we developed a new OEM HID.

This is the best HID kit you will find in the market.

OEM HID Specs:
– High quality lamps, specific for our OEM HID.
– Valeo Ballast (Made in EU)
– Shielded Cables (metallic mesh)
– Reduced size ballast.
– 3 Years guarantee.

OEM Welldone HID Valeo WG04 WG08 Made in Germany Europe
Ballast comparison: (WG04, WG08, OEM Valeo)

OEM Welldone HID Valeo WG04 WG08
Valeo Ballast included in our Welldone OEM HID.

– COMPATIBLE WITH AUDI A3 8P (2003-2013):

Once again we developed a HID Kit completely safe for the Audi A38P Wiper Motor.
Only we guarantee that our HID (Welldone A38P & Welldone OEM) will keep your wiper motor safe.

Many companies without experience offer “solutions” like capacitors, resistors, relays, cables…
All of them are useless to avoid the wiper motor problem.

Standard HID kits creates interferences. This interferences spreads by air (like radio waves) and may affect any electronic equipment within his range.
It´s impossible to get a standard HID kit & make it compatible with Audi A3 by only adding capacitors or resistors. You will need a HID designed specifically for the Audi A3.

We know about this since 2008 & we have been selling successfully our A38P HID, even organizing Group Buys in Audi forums.  www.audisport-iberica.com


welldone Made in Europe

The only HID Kit completely Made in Europe.

We use the same Ballast Audi, BMW, VW are using in their vehicles.

VALEO Ballast, Made & tested in Europe (France & Spain).

This HID Kits are made with high quality components & skilled labor, unlike most of the HID kits on the market.

This is the reason why the quality & reliability is far beyond the other products in the market.

– Where to buy the Welldone OEM HID:

You can get the OEM HID kit from our website or in any of our dealers:



For Audi A3 owners there is still another alternative.
Our A38P HID.

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