We have been researching for years about the Wiper Motor failure after HID Kits installation.

Our HID Kits are well known for Audi owners in many countries for this reason.

In 2008 we discovered the problems that cause the wiper motor failure.

– Conventional HID kits create interferences in some electronic components, what causes the wiper motor failure..

– This is the reason why we dedided to design a unique HID, that was fully compatible with the Audi A3 8P.

– Welldone “A38P” HID has been a succesfull, since the first kits sold in 2008 we have never saw a single wiper motor failure.

But we were yet far from finding a solution for the wiper motor once it was already broken, since now.

We found that some electronic components inside the wiper motor unit will blow away after the use of conventional HID kits.

Now we can fix this wiper motor units by replacing & setup this components.

Buying a new wiper motor would cost around 280€, but we can fix them in a few hours for only 55€.

First fixed wiper motors have been tested already & they are properly working again in our clients vehicles.

We published in our BLOG a new tutorial to disassemble the wiper motor in the Audi A3 8P.

Thereby our clients will be able to disassemble the wiper motor by them self & send it to our store to proceed to fix it immediately.

– DIY – Disassemble wiper motor Audi A3:

– Wiper motor FIX Request in our website:


Photos of some of the wiper motors we repair:

Recently we received this wiper motor.
It broke after the owner installed a non compatible aftermarket HID kit.
We proceeded to open & repair it.
Soon the client will have the wiper motor installed& working properly again.

Another wiper motor received.

Another wiper motor received & rapaired!

2 new wiper motor received.
One from France & another from Portugal.

The wiper motor from France was manipulated, someone tried to fix it & they broke a few inner parts & solderings but we were able to fix.
We had a lot of work to fix the broken parts, and we needed to add cables to replace some soldering parts broken by the client.
This is not something you can do in your home. Don’t try to repair by yourself, you will most likely make it worst.
We can not guarantee or work if the wiper motor was manipulated previously.
We won’t fix wiper motors if they are manipulated.

Another wiper motor, this time from Spain, received & repaired!